Wednesday, November 30, 2016

June 2014

There is no better way to start a summer than with some finger painting ...

a hike on Mt. Humphrey's with good friends ...

and an afternoon in the backyard sandbox with the dogs.

On June 14, Grant was baptized. We had Grandma Mellen, Oma, Papa, Kristen, Shelli and several friends come and celebrate this decision with our family.

From June 19-21, Chad and I hiked Havasupai with many of our friends. It was a long tough hike down to the falls but well worth it. We swam at Havasupai Falls, which were bluer than anything I had seen. The first full day down in the canyon we climbed down to Mooney Falls then hiked to Beaver Falls. Mooney Falls was one of the scariest climbs Chad and I had ever done. The hike to Beaver Falls was beautiful and an adventure all its own. Our hike out was long and hot but we made it out with minimal damage. Walking was a challenge for a few days but it was worth it.

June also consisted of morning TV, summer bowling, Saturday soccer games and our summer sewing project. The boys learned to make pillowcases.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

May 2014

The best part of May every year is that our little Tyler has a birthday. He turned three this year. He was so excited for his birthday cake, his presents and the entire celebration. You've got to love that adorable smile.

On May 8, 2014, Cole had his Let's Play Music recital. He did a great job singing all of his songs, playing his tone bells and generally hamming it up while performing. Cole definitely does not shy away from being in the spotlight.

On May 9, 2014, we attended the annual Acorn Preschool Science Festival. There are always numerous tables set out with science experiments, things to touch and things to learn. It's always hard to get the kids to leave when it's done. Grant even stayed home "sick" so he could come with us.

Chad took Grant and Cole to Father's and Sons camp out and made sure to bring them back as dirty as possible. He also took the boys on a hike up Fat Man's Loop. They can't resist standing in the crack and posing with exposed bellies everytime they do this hike. We also had a fun picnic with the Studleys at their house. Tyler was old enough finally to attend Sound Beginnings music classes and had his own class recital where his class performed the songs they learned throughout the year. He loved Sound Beginnings and always wanted to listen to his class CD.

Here's Tyler again helping himself to whatever food he feels like, regardless of whether he's supposed to be eating it. Of course, he pushed the stool over to the counter all by himself and climbed on up. Too bad for him the bag wasn't open and he couldn't get it open.

Grant is always constructing and fabricating things out of paper, cardboard or whatever material he can get his hands on. He's ready to play goalie.

Chad took a solo hike up on Sandy's Canyon and sent us a selfie to show proof of life and that he had made it.

Cole loves to dress up for church and have his picture taken when he does. He doesn't need any help knowing when he's looking handsome. He's got a confidence like no other.

Every May, Flagstaff hosts a Kite Festival at Foxglenn Park. We love to go and try our hand at kite flying. Chad has a great skills at this and we can always count on wind in May.

May also bring Mom's birthday and Mother's Day, usually within days of each other, if not on the same day. The boys (all four of them) love to BBQ mom up some steak and other delicious food. Chad does a great job of getting all three boys involved in the prep and cooking.

Tyler enrolled in Sporties 4 Shorties at the Aquaplex, which was an interesting experience. He really wanted to go every week but when it came down to it he just didn't want to stay unless mom stayed with him. He loved running, playing the games and interacting with Coach Laurie.

Cole had one last preschool field trip to the Guardian Life flight helicopter hanger. The kids learned about flying helicopters, saving lives and helping people. They also got to try out the pilot seat of the helicopter.

Cole graduated from Acorn Preschool and is ready for kindergarten. Acorn was the absolute best place for Cole to attend preschool. His teachers were so patient with him and helped him learn to his potential. They appreciated his sense of humor and his unique personality. Acorn truly helped Cole get ready for kindergarten. It was sad to say goodbye.

May 2014 also brought the Sedona Slide Fire. It was an awful forest fire that started at Slide Rock just outside Sedona. It burned for days and was so big the smoke and ash were seen and felt even in Flagstaff.

Over Memorial Day, the Wadleys came for a visit. We took them to the Grand Canyon for a day trip of hiking. They had never been there.

Grant turned 8 on May 24, 2014. He had a blast at his birthday party. He asked to play some crazy games, including dig for skittles in whip cream with your mouth and suck M&Ms off a plate with a straw. He also asked for worms in pudding dirt rather than a traditional cake. Grant is a social kids, with many good friends from school, church and sports.

May brought the end of school for Grant as well. He finished second grade with Miss Mary at Mountain School. In second grade, one of his best friends was Samuel Simonsen. They both loved learning about dinosaurs, hunting for dinosaur bones and learning about anything else they could read about it.

April 2014

We hiked/walked the Rio de Flag trail one Sunday afternoon and decided to bring along Barry. Of course Barry found the giant muddy puddle to roll around in. The boys found a really cool rock labyrinth that they worked their way through a couple of times.

March brings Spring Training for MLB. April brings the beginning of Little League. Grant played A. Cole played t-ball for his second year. Tyler wanted nothing more than to be out there with his brothers playing ball.

I caught Tyler stealing bacon off the counter one morning. He pushed the stool over all by himself and started to help himself. He's one who doesn't wait for permission but just takes what he wants, assuming everything is there for his use. Tyler also drew that cute picture one day then told me it was for Oma and that I needed to mail it to her. Grant performed in the Mountain School Spring Concert again with his second grade class. His class did a song and dance to "What Does the Fox Say?" Grant also lost another tooth.

Easter sneaks up on us every year but we always manage to find time to dye eggs. The kids love it but it always turns into pure chaos and a race to the finish. Easter morning the kids count on baskets filled with candy and silly string. They also love the Easter egg hunt. Some years it's inside and some years its outside but the kids love the eggs full of candy.

On April 19, 2014, we took a short road trip to Bearizona. Grant had been on a school field trip but we had never been as a family. We loved driving through to see all the animals, not just the bears. Once we finished the drive, we watched a birds of prey show and spent a lot of time watching the bear cubs play and cause trouble.

On April 24, 2014, Cole's Acorn Preschool class took a field trip to the Museum of Northern Arizona to check out the dinosaur bones, the native American art and artifacts and all of the other items they have at the museum. Tyler and I went along to help chaperone.

On April 29, 2014, Cole participated in his annual Acorn Preschool Bike Rodeo. Of course, Tyler had to get in on the action. Cole preferred the scooter so Tyler insisted upon riding on the bike. They rode around and around the parking lot obstacle course.

Chad took Grant to a Diamondbacks v. Giants baseball game for some father/son bonding time. These trips always mean super late nights and too much junk food. What makes better memories?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

March 2014

The week of March 18, we spent a few days at Oma's house for Spring Break. We spent one of those days at the children's museum in Phoenix. The boys touched everything, tried everything, climbed everything and when they were done with all the exhibits on all the floors they asked to do it all again... so we did.

March also brought the end of season hockey banquet and most importantly the end of hockey season. Cole was so excited for his new hockey shirt and puck. Grant is a very hands on artist and learned about paper maiche. His jeans show just how much he enjoyed that experience. Cole finally gained enough confidence and strength to make it part way up the climbing wall at the Aquaplex.

March always brings the beginning of baseball. We went to a Spring Training game on March 7, 2014. Of course, it was a Giants game. They played the Royals. Little did we know that they would be facing each other in the World Series later in the year.

Over Spring Break, I took the boys with a large group of friends and kids from the ward to explore Chocolate Falls. Needless to say all kids were sufficiently muddy and dirty by the end of the day. Sadly, the water was not flowing much this season.

Grant played in the 8U FYHA jamboree again. He played a few of the games as goalie, his first passion in hockey.

Barry and Sooner up to their usual ways.

I still do not understand this. I woke up one morning, opened my bedroom door and found these two bent over in prayer? pleading? I have no idea. They thought it was so funny, they did it the next morning too.

Oma came for a visit on one of her days off. We played outside riding bikes, driving the Jeep and playing baseball. The boys always enjoy their time with Oma.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

February 2014

Cole earned his green dot in hockey. We watched the Super Bowl to cheer on the Broncos. The boys were super excited and made signs. Sadly, the excitement died quickly as the Broncos didn't do well starting very early in the game.

Cole got to dress up for cowboy day at preschool. Tyler just had fun dressing up at home. Grant loves to dress up Tyler in his hockey gear. The pantsless hat ensemble was all Tyler's own creation.

On February 17, 2014, we took a day trip to the Petrified Forest. We enjoyed hiking around such a unique area of the country. We also wore out the boys.

January 2014

January was a fun, crazy mish mash of same old same old. We had hockey, gymnastics, friends over to play and of course, naps in the aisle at Target. 

Below is Chad dressed up as and impersonating our friend Dave Schultz.

Grandma Mellen came at the end of January for a long weekend visit. While here we took her to Sedona for some easy hiking and sightseeing.